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fan_mix_love's Journal

Fanmixes are Love
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We're here to cater to your fanmix obsessions! Any fandoms, any pairs, characters, whatever! It's pretty laid-back, but there are a few guidelines just to keep everything cool and in order!

1. Let's say a minimum of three songs per fanmix. Not that hard, even if the lyrics don't fit, if the mood of the song does, then add it!

2. Fanmixes should have a cover, front and back, it makes it cooler! If you aren't good with graphics, then it's fine if you want to request something. I (coffee_gurl) am happy to take requests if you need help! If you do request, then I'm sure the artist would appreciate credit!

3. One fanmix per post please. It just makes things easier.

4. Upload all the songs on the album, please! If you can't find a certain song, then just ask around. Posts like that are allowed! We're always willing to help fanmix producers in need!

5. Don't flame others on their fanmixes, please, just be nice!!!!

6. You are welcome to post a request, but please don't be annoying if somebody doesn't respond immediately. Someone will, I will personally take on the task if I have time and no else does.

7. The most important rule here...........HAVE FUN!!!!!

The rules are pretty loose, so please, just follow them, be nice, if people don't, the rules will be changed. I'll have to be harsh, and I don't wanna have to do that. :)

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